1. White. Titanium White is very strong and can gobble up your colors whereas Zinc white can be too weak. I prefer a mixed white of Titanium and Zinc. I prefer Permalba White but everyone makes a version like: Grumbacher White, Superba White, Winsor White, Utrecht White, etc.

2. Zinc Yellow or a Cadmium Lemon Yellow

3. Cadmium Yellow or Yellow Hue

4. Cadmium Orange or Orange Hue

5. Cadmium Red Light or Red Light Hue

6. Quinachridone Red, This is a rosy red like rose madder but very permanent. It varies in color from a cool red to a deep red like Alizarin Crimson.

7. Purple - I mix Ultra Marine Blue and Alizarin Crimson together.

8. Ultra Marine Blue

9. Phthalo Blue - This is a very powerful pigment and can get into everything. A little will go a long way. Rather than placing it on my pallet full strength, I pre mix it with white into middle value.

10. Phthalo Green

11. Bright Green

12. Yellow Green - Add lots of yellow to a little of the Bright Green.

*Note: I use colors that are Hues rather than real Cadmium colors. This eliminates a worry of toxicity from cadmium colors getting on my skin while I am outdoors painting in the field. I can always punch up the color in my studio with genuine cadmium colors if I need to. Most of the paints I use are Utrecht Brand.  www.UTRECHT.COM  phone: 800-223-9132