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9 x 12, oil on board

Limited edition giclee prints have been published from this painting.
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Puerto Nuevo is about 20 miles south of Tijuana, Mexico on the Baja California Peninsula. It's a small fishing town known for their restaurants that serve up great lobster and seafood. The fisherman of Puerto Nuevo have no natural harbor but only open beach to the Pacific Ocean. They push their boats on and off the beach and row through the surf to get to deeper waters where they can use their outboard engines.

I made my traditional stop for a great lobster lunch and then walked down to the beach hoping to find something to paint. I set up my easel and began to paint one of the boats on the beach among a furry of seagulls and on looking fisherman watching me paint and occasionally stopping to help pull one of the boats on or off the beach. A little sunburn and this handsome painting was my catch for the day.